Create a Vibrant Region with Opportunity for All

Commit to making the Mohawk Valley a more equitable and just community.
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Help our community speak with one voice.

We have a chance to make our community even better as we work to ensure opportunity for ALL. Please do your part now—listen, learn and collaborate with us. Together, we can do more than make a difference—we can make real change that will build a brighter future.

Take the first step. Take the Mohawk Valley Equity Pledge.

I Pledge to:

  • Encourage diversity.
  • Challenge injustice.
  • Help build opportunity for all.
By taking the pledge, you agree to receive emails from The Community Foundation.

Current Pledges


Partnership Program

Are you a business, organization or group that’s interested in partnering to promote the MV Equity Pledge?

Personal Stories

What does a vibrant region with opportunity for all mean to you?

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Achieving opportunity for all means...

Equitable access to resources for all members of our community to live, work, and play.
Sonia Martinez
C. Sonia Martinez
Mohawk Valley Latino Association
Eliminating systemic barriers to allow equity for all individuals.
Evon Ervin
Deputy Director, Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency
Systemic, socioeconomic, language, and cultural barriers will be irrelevant.
Anthony Colon
Anthony Colon
City of Utica Access and Inclusion Committee
Every person in our two-county region must inspire others and commit to the cultivation, expansion and education about the freedoms and liberties we all are entitled to as Americans. Opportunity for all is everyone’s equal responsibility.
vincent j. bono
Vincent J. Bono
Chairman, Herkimer County Legislature
No human-created obligatory blockades to entry, access, and resources, such as capital, education, property, healthcare, employment, justice, information, and technology.
Anthony Baird
Anthony M. Baird
Chief Diversity Officer, Utica College
Ensuring everyone is treated fairly and with respect by our culture and civic institutions. It also means everyone who is willing to work hard can utilize their talents to achieve their maximum potential. When everyone is given a chance to pursue their dreams, our entire society benefits.
Mayor pic 002
Robert M. Palmieri
Mayor, City of Utica
Creating equity for everyone and ensuring that such equality is sustained, and an even playing field where those farther ahead know to reach back—and those a little behind feel comfortable to reach forward.
Delvin Moody
Delvin Moody
City of Utica Common Council
That every person should be able to achieve whatever goal they set for themselves through hard work and perseverance. No one should ever have an unfair advantage over anyone else, and those who are having a difficult time overcoming the obstacles before them, deserve a helping hand.
TP Headshot HD 002
Anthony J. Picente, Jr.
County Executive, Oneida County
Our city government will really look like us, and all its diversity will be fairly represented.
Celeste Friend
Celeste Friend
City of Utica Common Council
Inequality for no one.
Danovitz Burt
Burt Danovitz
Former Trustee, Community Foundation
Everyone and anyone gets a chance.
Wicks Joe
Joe Wicks
Staff, Community Foundation
Having the information, support, and resources to find safe, healthy, and affordable housing in an inclusive neighborhood that welcomes everyone.
Steve Darman
Steve Darman
Chair, Mohawk Valley Housing and Homeless Coalition
Truly recognizing that every single person is unique; each with thoughts, ideas, feelings, and dreams.
Jaquie 1
Jacqueline M. Izzo
Mayor, City of Rome
Identifying, reducing, and eliminating barriers so we can achieve racial equity and social justice across our community.
Engler Jim
Jim Engler
Trustee, Community Foundation
Solutions come in all shapes and sizes.
191009 cfhoc inesha 166T
Inesha Briggs
Community, Equity & Inclusion Engagement Coordinator, HomeOwnershipCenter
When all women especially women and girls of color feel secure and safe and are treated with equality in all ways: equal pay, equal opportunity, respect and fairness.
Dianne Stancato
Dianne Stancato
YWCA Mohawk Valley
Having the ability to achieve your goals and aspirations without obstacles while living in a safe and healthy environment.
Husnay John
John Husnay
Staff, Community Foundation
Creating an inclusive environment based on kindness, compassion and peace for all.
Campbell Ally
Ally Campbell
Staff, Community Foundation
Decisions are made to improve every ethnic, racial and gender group’s well-being.
Venice Ervin
Venice Ervin
President, Utica/Oneida County NAACP
Everyone matters and everyone deserves a chance to live their best life.
Mumford Erika
Erika Mumford
Staff, Community Foundation
Paving the path to a fair chance for every single person to learn, to compete, to get involved, to live out their dream, to have a healthy and thriving life, so that in the end we can truly say that everyone is seen and treated as equal.
Ellis Kayla
Kayla Ellis
Staff, Community Foundation
The unconditional freedom of all people to prosper and flourish no matter their gender, race or ethnicity.
Mielnicki Morgan
Morgan Mielnicki
Community Member
Everyone having the opportunity and ability to create their own destiny instead of one that is shaped by circumstances and barriers imposed by others.
Klotzbach Jacquie
Jacquie Klotzbach
Staff, Community Foundation
A perfectly level playing field so folks can find success solely through their individual efforts.
Grimmer Nick
Nick Grimmer
Staff, Community Foundation
That we value every resident, with dignity and respect, through collaboration and partnership, working toward focused outcomes for equitable social change.
Dicks Alicia
Alicia Dicks
President/CEO, Community Foundation
Everyone will have the ability to achieve their dreams; our communities will live together in peace and respect each other for who they are; we will eliminate structural and institutional racism from our world and create a sense of belonging for everyone. Pursuing opportunity for all gives us hope for a kinder more beautiful world.
AmyTurner 002
Amy Turner
Executive Director, Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency

How Do I Get Involved?

Taking the MV Equity Pledge is a great first step to becoming part of this important community effort.

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